Thursday, March 1, 2012

MCC| Thank You from Heart...


Huk2...Ari ni boss2 anto email sedey.
Mula2 email seorang Exec - assistant manager yang sgt2 ceria dan baik hati.
Anis Awar

Salam MCC Team,
Today would be officially my  last day in TMUC MCC Operation. I would like to thanks all of you for giving me your cooperation and great contributions during my days in MCC. All of you have done well in our plan and really appreciate it. Sorry from my deepest heart if I’ve made any mistake or I do increased the volume of my voice during any conversation & communication that handled by me.....

dan panjang lagih...
huhu..saye sgt sedey. sebab xde dah leader gossip gurls pasnih.. And yang paling xbley blah, xde orang nak buatkan air milo... waaaa...sedey maaaa...

pesanan buat AM Anis, All d best kat tempat lama. Ingat kami kat cni.

Pastu, boss plak anto email dgn tajuk yang sama.
Sedey jugak lah.. mmg selama ni die nih kekadang xbley blah. Marah, bebel..huk2... (sorry ye boss - hik2)...
Tp sebab boss jugak, kami TL2 ni berusaha utk buat yang terbaik.
Boss, terima kasih banyak2 atas tunjuk ajar yang diberikan.Terharukan boss2 nih (saya yang di bold dan underline kan tuh. weee...)

"Dear Respected Team Leaders,
Me too, I wish to inform that I’m no longer on duty as the Operation & Test Manager in MCC effective today 1st March 2012 after new realignment in TMUC, CSM management.

It has been a challenging, yet exciting and worthwhile journey for the last 6 months since the beginning of setup on MCC roll out for TMUC. I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation to you all MCC Exec, Team Leader and RTFM specially to Ruzaini, Anis, Razlan, Muzammil, Mardziatul, Hamdan, Ekin, Shikin, Umi & Farah for the trust, endless support, encouragements, and great camaraderie that have been extended to me throughout my tenure as the MCC Operation Manager. They are truly amazing, rewarding and I will treasure them forever. Please accept my sincere apologies for any slip of tongue, offence or misunderstanding during my dealings with you, both professionally and personally.

Dan panjang lagih.....
To Boss -Ir Hanif Yasin, thanks sgt2 atas sume yang di ajar..

Sebenarnyer mereka2 ini iaitu boss2 2 org nih dah berpindah department. Tidak menjaga kami lagih since VADS telah amik alih TMUC. huk2.. xsuke la VADS amik alih. Bia pon boss selalu membebel, tp hahahha.. speecless. Tak tahu dah nk ckp ape.. Ape2 pon sgt best dgn boss sorang oneh (Anis Awar) dlm grup kami iaitu MCC - erkkk.. boss Ir, sorry xsebot nama.. huahua. Hidop MCC!!! (hik2)~

FYI, Demox saye still bawah boss Ir Hanif...
All d best ye Demox.
Cayang awak~


  1. Manager punye email ade org lain tolong karang huk2..

  2. haaa? yeker ade org tolong karang? lorrrrr... hampes jerh kan syg?~

  3. lol.. yeke.. hahaha..pttla ayat power


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